Percentage and Angle

                           Percentage and angle are both important to me. I think that in the future I will use percentage and angle in some way. For me, the percentage can be used in real life a lot such as a tax, a discount on some product that I would buy, the increasing or decreasing of my salary, and a lot more. For the angle, I can use it if in the future I will be an engineer or a math teacher, or even in my grade test. During the process of learning, I also get a lot of struggles. For percentage, it is hard to convert fraction to a percentage because for fraction we need to simplify it a lot. Angle is also hard because the problem that I am working on is not drawn for scale, so we have to do a lot of critical thinking to solve the problem. After a lot of struggles that have been through, I learn a lot and I can think quickly on problems. Finally, I hope that percentage and angle would be useful for me in the future.

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