Negative number and Algebra

For the end of this years, we had started with basic Algebra and a topic about Negative number. It seems easy but it is kind of tricky because there are replacements for numbers to letters and there are different ways to add and subtract to negative numbers.


For algebra, when you make a letter to represent a number you can’t use this “x” as a symbol as multiply. Instead, you can use “3*x”, “3•x”, “3(x)”, or you can just write the number near to each other like this “6x” and it all means the same. If you have a problem like this “x*x*x*x*x”, you can write it in a short cut like this “x” so it is much easier. To give a letter value, you can do this “x = 4”. Therefore, you can do any problem like “4+x-3 = 5”. This is just the basic of algebra so I expect that it will get harder as it goes.

Above is the integer number line that shows where are the negative integers and the positive integers. As you can see, the positive integers go from zero to the right and for the negative integers, it goes from zero to the left. If you see the number like this “-3”, you would call it negative three not minus three.  If you have this number “-2 + 3”, it will equal to 1 because when you take a negative number to add it with a normal number, it would go from left to right. However, if you subtract it, it would go from right to left.


That’s pretty much it, it is not that hard but I think that it is good to practice the basic because is important for when we learn something higher in the future.

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