How to be happy when you are lonely

            Happiness is not what is shown on your face, it is what you feel. Moreover, happiness is not always there in your feeling. There are feeling like sad, scared, angry and more. One of the feeling is lonely, it feel really hurt sometime living alone. It may cause because of many different reason like you are living by yourself, doesn’t have any friend, or your family member are gone. If you are lonely, don’t think that it is the end of the world, there are ways that can turn you from lonely to happy. You just have to test which one of the solution below is working for you.

List down your hobbies

             First, figure out what you love is important. It can make you feel better because it is what you love to do and also It doesn’t matter what it is. You also can join classes that are related to your hobbies. According to WikiHow, a website that provides helpful methods to do things, says that “maybe you have always been interested in cooking. Try taking a class to hone your skills”. Moreover, you can even make a friend while you’re taking that class and you won’t be lonely anymore. If your hobby is playing sports, you can even be healthy and getting outside could make you feel refresh too.


Make friends

                  For some people it is easy to make friends but some people it is hard. For me, in the past I don’t like talking to people that I don’t know but when time passes I learn that talking to people is important. WikiHow also says that, “You can learn to meet new people by acting friendly so that people feel comfortable approaching you.”, If you don’t know how to be friendly, there are tips for you . You can do things like smiling at other, say hi, say nice things to them, basically you can be more active. If you can make friends, it is easy not to feel lonely because you get someone to talk to, to play with, and to tell things that you are upset about.

Get a pet

                    For this method is for people who have pet or even if you don’t have one, you can raise one. Even though a pet can’t talk, but they can make us feel better. Why? Because your pet is what you love and they are always with you. They can even make you more active because if you have a dog or a cat, you can spend time with them outside and have fun with them. Moreover, they can make you healthier with all the exercise that they do with you and when you are outside, you can try talking to people around you, too. As a website call CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that “Regular walking or playing with pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels.  Pets can help manage loneliness and depression by giving us companionship. ”. So, take care of your pet and they will take care of you.

                    I hope that these methods will help you. Don’t give up when you feel alone, try to find things that you can do to help you. Go talk to people that you trust the most because that will make you feel better, too. Fight against the loneliness because there are many people in this world, not just you, who feel lonely. Be a strong person, always get up when you fall down.

Reading Novel

Reading novel

                “Between Wonder, Looking for Alaska, Monster, Outsiders. Which book do you want to read” the voice of my teacher is all over the class. For the three weeks in this term, my teacher has four novel books for everyone to choose to read. I choose to read Wonder because it sounds interesting and my teacher also tell me that it is about a boy that is not an ordinary kid. She also makes a slide for us that has some reading skill like finding main ideas, cause and effect, inference, compares and contrast, and author purpose. The book wasn’t really hard to read and it also a good story.  After finishing the book, we have to come up with a project to showcase our book. And my group had decided to dress up as one of the characters and introduce ourselves. I got to dress up as the main character “August”. Overall I really like the book, and I improve my self a lot like reading, speaking to my group and learn a lot of vocabulary.

Argument Essay

Disabled People: They Have The Ability, So Stop Discriminating Against Them

                 What do you call a person who sits on a wheelchair? Over one billion people in the world are living with the disability. As you might know, the word disability is formed by “dis” and “ability”. It means that disabled people don’t have the ability to do things like a typical human(normal people) can and that’s why people with disability damage a lot of discrimination. Although many people think that people with disability can’t do things as typical humans can, people should stop discriminating against them because they will have a hard life to living alone, they have the possibility of not getting a job which could leave them impoverished, last but not least they would think that they are useless because of the discrimination and could commit suicide.


                  Disabled people are having a hard life living alone. People with disabilities are almost always alone without anyone caring about them. According to a website called Ohchr(Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)  has an article that writes about how lonely are disabled people. Ohchr says“They(disabled people) have little hope of creating a family and raising their children, socializing or voting” (in-text citation). This quote is explaining why people with disability are lonely because they don’t have their family to look after them. for example, if they were blind or deaf it is hard for them to live alone. Imagine if you were blind and try to go upstairs by yourself, how do you feel? Would you feel like you about to fall? So they need our help to take care of them to make their life easier. Not only that it would make their life easier if you stop discriminate them. Moreover, it would make them feel like they are not alone in the dark silent world.


                    Second, they have the possibility of not getting a job which could leave them impoverished. Not only typical people are impoverished, but disabled people are also impoverished. Again, according to Ohchr had written about some facts that show why disabled people are hard to afford a job. It says, “20% of the world’s poorest people are with disabilities, 98% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school, around a third of the world’s street children live with disabilities, and the literacy rate for adults with disabilities is as low as 3%, and 1% for women with disabilities in some countries” (in-text citation). For the second sentence says that children with disabilities do not attend school if kids don’t have any knowledge at all, how can they afford a good job in the future to live by themselves? So if you are an employer, you should give disabled people a chance to be a part of your company and you should give more money for the payday to them to make their life easier.


                        Due to discrimination, people with disabilities could potentially commit suicide. If they are an only disability, it is not that stressful for them to suicide. However people around them make fun of them and discriminate them, that’s the problem that they have every day. According to The Guardian, a newspaper. This website called An article was written about a disabled person that considering euthanasia and everyone around her seems to not care about her. It says, “Marieke Vervoort, the 38-year-old Belgian Paralympian gold medallist, is only the most recent disabled person to announce that she is considering euthanasia, saying her “body is exhausted”. She is not imminently dying. Yet no one seems to be trying to persuade her that life is worthwhile”. Although she didn’t want to suicide herself because of discrimination, no one persuades her that life is worthwhile which is discrimination too.

                         In conclusion, disabled people are damaged by discrimination a lot that makes them have a hard life living alone, have the possibility of not getting a job which could leave them impoverished, potentially commit suicide. The government should create a law around the world that says “people must stop discriminating against disabled people” and everyone must follow the rule so it can solve the problem. Finally, everyone should call people with disability “ Ability people ”. Why? Because when you say that they are disability you mean that they don’t have the ability to do things like move around, reading, running and etc,…They have the ability to do as typical people, but they just do it into the different way from us so call them “ Ability people ” from now on.



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What is root words?

What is root words?

In the Literacy class, we do a lot of especially writing and reading. In this term we learn about the history of the language through time, how has it change, and a lot of root words.

Example of a root word is “Hydr” it means water. Most of the words that have “hydr” in it usually related to water like, hydrate, hydroelectric, hydrant and more. Some root words also have the same meaning like “hydr” and “aqua/aqu” mean water.

Here are some root words that I learn

Hydr – water

Aqua/Aqu – water

Mar/Mer – sea

Bio – life

Photo – light

Phil – love

Vis/Vid -see,look

Aud – hear

Phon – sound.