Digital drawing

                In round 5 we can choose a project that we want to work on for a week. That’s because our teacher wants us to be independent and also that we can learn the things that we like to learn more about. So, I decided to choose Digital Drawing as my project because I love drawing and I also get inspired by a comic book website call Webtoon. Their arts are great and the colors are so cool.

               First, I learn by watching a lot of videos. I have to use the drawing tablet, tools in photoshop because I use that app to draw and coloring which is the part that I am bad at. Before I draw the picture that I want to draw for my project, I practice drawing many things like the one below:

Some of them take a few hours but I’m really proud of the outcome. After all of the practice, I know a lot of things about digital drawing.


Therefore, I started my main portrait of the project. First I started drawing the outline.

It takes me some times to draw because you have to draw it a lot of times and you have to make sure the line is straight. Then, you can color it. There is also a lot of stuff you need to learn like the size of the brush, color, type of brush and how to color on the picture.

After the project, I have learned a lot within the challenges. It also inspires me to do more of the digital drawing. I hope this also inspires you to draw like me.

RPG Coding

RPG Coding

              RPG coding is a program in code club. It teach us how to make a small game about escaping out of a house that is full with monster. I choose it because I wanted to make a small fun game and also wanted to work more about my python dictionary skill too. Python dictionary is a program Python that is a collection of items that is unordered and changeable.  Ex:

Look at the picture above, “brand” store the value “Ford”. It is useful because it can store a lot of value. Right now I’m already finish the code. However at first, I thought that it was easy but I when through some struggle like forget things, putting the code in the wrong place and more. Sometime I want to give up doing it but I know that if I don’t do it, in the future maybe I won’t do the things that I struggle with too. So, I decided to look for my mistake and with my friends and my teacher helping me, I feel like there’s no need to feel upset because people always make mistake and that’s okay. To be honest, I’m not very good at coding but I won’t let it get through my way, I will try my best and work hard. Here is the link to play my game:

Python’s Boolean and Comparisons

Python’s Booleans and Comparisons

Coding is a new and hard learning skill for me. Python is what called a language in coding, some people say it is easy but it is really hard for me. The first three topics that I learn in the Technology/ Multimedia class are Booleans and Comparisons. For Booleans it is made to tell if something is true or false, ex:

“Hi” is not “Goodbye”. (true)

5 is 9. (false)

The comparison is for comparing two things. There are six types in the Comparisons:

  • Equals, ex: a == c
  • Not Equals, ex: a != c
  • Less than, ex: c < b
  • Less than or equal to, ex: d <= b
  • Greater than, ex: a > d
  • Greater than or equal to, ex: b >= b


           In round 2, for Technology and Multimedia class we learn about the camera. First, we learn what is exposure. Exposure is the amount of light that reaches into your camera and it determined how dark or bright your photo look. There are three things that can affect exposure such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

           Shutter speed is the amount of time that the shutter in the camera open to allow the light to go in.  If the shutter speed is doubled, the doubles amount of light come in. The higher the number is, the brighter and bluer the photo will be. For example, 2s(second) is slower than 1/100 so the photo will be blur and it will make your photo brighter.

           Aperture is how large or small the side of the lens in the camera is, which allows the light to come through. The larger the number is, the smaller the lens open. The aperture affects the depth of field. It means if you make the number higher, the background will be clear but if the number is low the background will be blur. It also affects the light for example, if the lens is small the less light will come in.

( high number )  ( low number )

           ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light. There are levels with numbers of ISO on your camera such as 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 etc. The higher the number is, the more sensitive your camera is to light so your photo will be brighter than how it looks in real life. If your ISO is too high it also will make the photo has noises( like the one above ). So it is good to keep your ISO low, but if you want to make your photo brighter your first step is to change the shutter speed and the aperture.

           Overall, I learn a lot of things about the camera and I can apply it my every life by taking pictures.  In the future, I hope that I can apply it bigger than this.



In the first round of Technology/Multimedia the first week we learn about the research skill. First Cindy( the class’s facilitator ) let us choose a topic and write some questions to research about. I chose the statue of liberty to research on because I want to know more about it. After answer some question I have to find a primary source and a secondary source to prove my answer.

For week two we learn about how to use some Adobe to write the information that we search on last week and edit some pictures that related to our topic. We use Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and classic cc. A lot of us doesn’t know how to use these but some do, so the people that they know how to use these they teach everyone how to use it. First I don’t know anything about it at all but by the end of the week I can use is well. For week three Cindy Just introduce us a bit about coding because most of us don’t know how to code yet and it is hard to understand so it gonna take some time. Overall I really enjoy this class because I learn a lot of thing within three weeks.