Human of Cambodia

             Interaction with strangers is always a hard thing for me but when I was in the Human of Cambodia exploration, I’ve had overcome my fear and I talk to strangers. Human of Cambodia is a project that would interview people around Cambodia to get some of their life stories and our plan is to share the story to others to let them know what is it to live in Cambodia. We would also have the interviewee photo to prove that we had interviewed them. Some of the stories were sad and some were happy. The questions that we were asking a lot were “What is the happiest moment in your life?” or “What is a quote that you always keep to yourself? ” and the last question would be “Do you have any advice to the next generation?”. Sometimes they would be shy and said that they can’t answer our question or would refuse to reply. However, that doesn’t let us down. We sometimes try to find methods that can solve the problem, like making them feel more connected to us by asking “How are you?”, “Have you eat breakfast yet?” or we contact people in that area that know the people around there well. For example, we can contact the villager chive, the school principal and more.

           As I mentioned before, we also learn how to take pictures. A lot of us know how to use the camera already but we haven’t expert it yet. So our teacher gives us some exercise and time to practice. I think that I learn a lot more when I practice it too. Besides taking pictures, I also lean to take note. I’m a person who hates to take note even at school or in a meeting. However, when I first started, I don’t want to talk to people so that’s why it forces me to choose note taker. After that, I realize that taking note isn’t bad at all.

            Overall, this exploration helps me to improve a lot of skills like taking pictures, note taking, speaking and more. I also hope that the stories will inspire people to not give up when they face problems.


Outdoor leadership photo essay


            During the trip, I’ve had changed a lot. I had changed about the way I think about nature, before this exploration I thought that nature was dangerous, wonderful but dirty, I afraid of animals, afraid of the steep cliff. However, After two trip I change all of my thought about nature. I knew that nature isn’t that dangerous at all if we know how to keep it safe like walking carefully while walking, play safely by don’t push someone in the waterfall or lake, and also in this exploration we have four rules about playing: play safe, play hard, play fair, and play well!

           In the exploration, we want to learn how to be an outdoor leader. After the exploration, I learn a lot of things like making fire, clean dirty water, risk management, recuses people outdoors, build a tent and a bivouac, want vs need, using the bathroom outdoors and respect the nature around me. For me, nature is really important to everyone so we should respect nature by stop cutting trees, stop making a lot of pollution, throw the plastic everywhere and more.

             If Cambodians can learn about outdoor leadership it would impact a lot of things. They would learn more about the natural resource in Cambodia, wonderful places outdoor, keep our natural resource clean and know the survival skills outdoors. As I know, most of the people in Cambodia don’t even know what is outdoor leadership is. So if all Cambodians know it, our country and everyone also nature will be better.