In the first round of Technology/Multimedia the first week we learn about the research skill. First Cindy( the class’s facilitator ) let us choose a topic and write some questions to research about. I chose the statue of liberty to research on because I want to know more about it. After answer some question I have to find a primary source and a secondary source to prove my answer.

For week two we learn about how to use some Adobe to write the information that we search on last week and edit some pictures that related to our topic. We use Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and classic cc. A lot of us doesn’t know how to use these but some do, so the people that they know how to use these they teach everyone how to use it. First I don’t know anything about it at all but by the end of the week I can use is well. For week three Cindy Just introduce us a bit about coding because most of us don’t know how to code yet and it is hard to understand so it gonna take some time. Overall I really enjoy this class because I learn a lot of thing within three weeks.


Math is very important for me and it also very useful for everyone. Math can be used in science, economic, technology, chemistry and more classes. In the past few week in my math class, I learn a lot about fraction and word problems. I learn about how to plus, subtract, multiply, and divide fraction and fraction.

For me fraction is not too complicated but for word problem that have to do with fraction in it is a little complicated because sometime it is a bit tricky and I have to draw some picture for me to understand it more. Just so you know I am a visual learner so almost all of the this I do I usually draw pictures.