Reading Novel

Reading novel

                “Between Wonder, Looking for Alaska, Monster, Outsiders. Which book do you want to read” the voice of my teacher is all over the class. For the three weeks in this term, my teacher has four novel books for everyone to choose to read. I choose to read Wonder because it sounds interesting and my teacher also tell me that it is about a boy that is not an ordinary kid. She also makes a slide for us that has some reading skill like finding main ideas, cause and effect, inference, compares and contrast, and author purpose. The book wasn’t really hard to read and it also a good story.  After finishing the book, we have to come up with a project to showcase our book. And my group had decided to dress up as one of the characters and introduce ourselves. I got to dress up as the main character “August”. Overall I really like the book, and I improve my self a lot like reading, speaking to my group and learn a lot of vocabulary.

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